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Land pollution

A pollutant is substance that pollutes the environment. The land we live on is polluted with litter. Litter is the dirt we throw out such as wrappers, building material, plastics and used bottles. Garbage dumped on the land causes land pollution. It is caused only by air.

Prevention of land pollution

We must not throw garbage everywhere. We must separate the garbage before we take it to proper bins.  The kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit peels, paper, and leftover food should be collected separately.  They become a part of the soil after some time.  Paper, plastic, glass, and tine cans can  be recycled. Recycling means that they can be re-used. These cannot be degraded, as they cannot become a part of the soil. In this way, we can protect our environment and make the earth a safe and healthy place to live.

Air pollution

All living things need air. The air we breathe is polluted with smoke and dust. We must breathe clean, fresh air.  Pure air keeps us healthy.  Impure air is bad for health.  Dust, smoke, and some gases are found in air.  Some gases are poisonous and bad for our health. When we burn fuel it leaves behind waste.  Some waste gets into the air.  This makes the air dirty.  Cigarette smoke is harmful. It pollutes the air.

This can be avoided in many ways

Plants and trees make the air clean.  So we must plant trees and shrubs at home, in school in parks, and or roadsides. We must not cut them down.  Car owners must keep their vehicles in good condition.  They must use unleaded petrol. Unleaded petrol does not give out smoke.  Factories should not be allowed to pollute the air by burning their waste.

Water Pollution

Water is important to us. Rivers are used for washing clothes, for bathing, and for washing animals. Drains from households, and toxic wastes from factories empty into rivers and make them dirty.  Living creatures in the water such as fish, can die in polluted water.

Like air, water is needed by all living things. We must drink clean water. Polluted water makes us sick. Our skin will be affected if we bathe in polluted water. Water is polluted in many ways.  Garbage, waste, and germs pollute water.  All houses and streets must have drainpipes. We should not drink water straight from the tap.  It should be boiled and filtered.  Boiling  water will kill the germs.  Filtering it will make the water clean.  We must keep our ponds and rivers clean.

Noise pollution

A loud and unpleasant sound is called noise. Televisions, music systems, vehicle horns repeatedly caused noise pollution. Too much of noise is bad for our health.

All kinds of pollution must be controlled. Let us keep our homes and surroundings clean, rivers and sources of water clean, and the air we breathe in clean, by not polluting any of these.

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